Post doesn't show in (and didn't cross-post)

Hi @manton,

I encountered an issue with a post that was scheduled to be published at 6 PM (Germany time). The post did go live at the specified time, as seen here. However, it did not appear on my timeline nor was it cross-posted to Mastodon and Bluesky.

As it’s missing from my timeline, I haven’t categorized it under “Cross-posting.” This issue might be due to a different reason.

Thank you for looking into this!


I’ve been seeing scheduling and cross posting issues for a few days. Every scheduled post I’ve made via MarsEdit hasn’t appeared in the timeline or been cross posted until I’ve “updated” it. Today, the post appeared but I can’t get it to cross post.

I think we do have an issue with scheduling posts but I haven’t been able to track it down. Scheduling seems to work fine for me. I expect there is some edge case, maybe with multiple scheduled posts?

To give a little more background, cross-posting is effectively driven from when a post appears in the timeline. If a post does not make it to the timeline for some reason, like the feed wasn’t downloaded, then the cross-posting also doesn’t happen.

As a work-around until we can figure out what is happening, you can usually fix this by re-saving the post, or clicking “Update” on the design screen to re-save your blog settings. That will force it to publish any scheduled posts that should’ve gone out. And then when the blog is published, it will also trigger downloading the feed, which adds posts to the timeline and sends them out via cross-posting. Whew! :slightly_smiling_face:

That fix has definitely been working for all but my latest post. The post this morning I eventually got to appear in the timeline, but it never cross posted.

The way I have been reproducing the scheduling issue (unintentionally) has been to schedule a post via MarsEdit.


  1. Write amazing post
  2. Set the status to Published
  3. Select Post > Edit Date and set the date to the future
  4. Wait

I haven’t specifically set out to test this. But those steps are what I’ve done for the last 4 posts on my site and they all had the issue of not appearing when scheduled. It was only the latest one that also failed to cross post after using something like your “update” fix.

@manton I have two test posts up you could use to debug…

Both posted as described above: MarsEdit + Published + Future Post Date

Both appeared on my blog, but neither posted to the timeline. Initially.


  1. Posted fist post
  2. Waited
  3. Didn’t appear in timeline
  4. A few minutes later I replied to a different post in the timeline, which appears to have triggered the first post to appear in the timeline and crosspost to other services.
  5. Posted second post
  6. Waited
  7. Didn’t appear in timeline
  8. Step away so you have a pristine example to look at. :slight_smile:

Thanks @ryanbooker! Looking at this again, I think I see what is wrong. I’m working on a fix. For now, if the post hasn’t appeared in the timeline, click on Account → Edit Source and click the little reload arrow button. That’ll read your blog’s feed and bring any new posts into the timeline, and cross-post them.

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Not sure if you’ve deployed your fix or done something specifically to trigger this particular post, but it looks like it posted to the timeline about 1h or so ago (judging by the crosspost time). In case that’s useful information. Cheers.

Yesterday, I noticed that my new scheduled post was published on the timeline, but it did not appear on Mastodon and Bluesky.

I attempted to resolve the issue by editing the post and refreshing the feed through ‘Account > Edit Source,’ but this was unsuccessful.

It might be relevant to mention that this is not my primary blog.