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I got the 10 dollar subscription plan that allows me to have a podcast feed. how do I know what is my podcast feed? I tried this https://mikiejones.micro.blog/feed.json

It doesn’t work.

Try: https://mikiejones.micro.blog/podcast.xml

I need a .rss address

Did you try with the .xml URL? I haven’t tried adding a podcast so I’m not sure what would happen in that case.

Other than that I put the .xml feed through Cast Feed Validator and it looks like you’re missing the details that can be entered in your account settings: Micro.blog → Design → form at the top of the page.

If you have filled those details in and the .xml feed isn’t working, then either there’s a bug at play here or there is some way to get the .rss feed that isn’t immediately obvious.

The website for my podcast is www.behindthethoughts.com. The corresponding RSS feed is https://www.behindthethoughts.com/feed.xml

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the example has a .rss to the address

I tried entering that kind of address with .xml. Doesn’t work