Podcast URL

I was thinking of doing a podcast and am paying for premium. My question is looking at the design portion of the menu is see catagory selection and podcast author and email, but if I am understanding, the podcast name will still just be the name of my blog. So if I wanted it to have it’s own identity I would need another premium account?


If you want the title, URL, or other parts of the design to be different, you’ll have the most control by creating a new blog on your account. But if you want to have the podcast shared with your blog instead of separate, it’s possible to make most customizations in the podcast feed. There’s a plug-in called “Podcast title” in the directory that makes it easy to override the podcast title so that it’s different than the blog title.

So my next question, in the bundle I need bookmarks and highlighting for my main blog, so If I made a new blog for a podcast they would both have to be premium? I may just go the plugin route then.