Plugin Parameter Data to Static Pages

Is there a straightforward way to pass custom parameter data (from plugin.json) into a static file? I may be using a little bit of the wrong terminology there, but I think my point can be understood.

Basically, I want

"field": "params.field_name"

in plugin.json to be able to be used in



{{ .Site.Params.field_name }}

Is that possible?

Yes, it’s possible to create dynamic files in Hugo using the assets pipeline and resources.ExecuteAsTemplate.

So, for example, one could put a file named file-name.json in the assets/.well-known directory and add template code in the same way as with theme templates. I’m doing this with the file documents.json in my Search Space plug-in.

Ah, the assets pipeline. I’ve really got to dig into that and figure it out. That makes two plugins on my todo list that will require it. As always, thanks for your quick help.