Here are the plugins for which I’ve finished the README:









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Just saw your plugin-cards announcement in my Timeline, that looks really great! Ironic timing, as I’ve been troubleshooting an Open Graph bug in my theme. In doing so, however, it reminded me of two issues I’ve noticed when linking my posts in Apple Messages:

  1. My avatar looks really pixelated and low-res
  2. It doesn’t include my post summary for titled posts, or a truncated content for untitled micro posts.

Any ideas if/how I can fix these two issues?

I don’t believe I have ever gotten Apple messages to show the description.

I think what I started doing for untitled posts was using the description as the title (which then gets truncated by whatever platform it goes through).

Let’s have a screenshot of the avatar and I’ll help troubleshoot that bit.

Here’s the image, you can see how bad the avatar looks.

Okay. I pulled meta from the page head. That plus the image oughta let me track down what’s going on tomorrow with some fresh Adderall.

No rush, Jason! All good man. :pray:

Try picking out an image you want the card to use, upload and/or grab its address, then add this tag with your image address: <meta property="og:image" content="path-to-my-image" /> I didn’t see an image tag in the page <head> so it’s probably falling back to whatever it happens to find.

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You rock! Thank you so much! :pray:

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