Plug-in READMEs

The detail page for plug-ins now includes the README from GitHub if there is one. For example, here’s the plug-in page for the Conversation on plug-in.

Most Markdown and basic HTML is supported, with one exception: images referenced in the README need to use full “https://” URLs, not relative paths in the GitHub repository. checks for new versions of plug-ins every couple of hours. If the version has been updated, it will also update its copy of the README text.

I like it, thanks, @manton. I’ve updated the image URLs for my plug-ins now. So if you do a manual update, it should look a little better. :blush:

Thanks! They should be updated now.

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I’ve updated a couple of things with this:

  • will check for new READMEs (and screenshots) every couple hours. No need to bump the version number.
  • will support relative Markdown links for images like ![](images/screenshot.png) so you don’t need to provide full URLs.

Also, I’ve improved the version numbers so that it’s smarter about actually seeing if a version is newer.

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