Please help me understand how to manage themes/plugins

I would like to switch from Vapor 1994 theme to Marfa dark mode. I can’t figure out how to do this.

Here’s what my Design page looks like:

How do I switch to Marfa dark mode without losing the customizations I have made to Vapor 1994 theme?

Marfa dark mode is not a complete theme on its own, it’s an addition requiring the Marfa theme to be installed. Install that and you should be good to go.

From the screenshot, it looks like you have no custom theme set. So I guess the customizations you’re mentioning are done elsewhere, maybe custom CSS? Anyway, they shouldn’t go anywhere, but as you’ve made them for Vapor 1994 they might not work as intended if you change the theme.

If I click on Settings next to Vapor theme, that’s where I’ve done the color customizations in a bunch of text fields. I don’t mean to transfer those over. I just don’t want to lose them in case I decide to switch back.

Ok, I think I get what you’re saying. The way this is done is a bit confusing but I appreciate the help. I switched the custom theme to “Sam’s Marfa” which was what I’d customized before and that seems to make the switch happen but it still shows the Vapor theme on top which seems to imply that it is still impacting design in some way, based on the text below. I don’t know what to do about it because it is confusing.

This is what my Design page looks like now.

Maybe I should create a video about this very topic of switching themes?


As long as you keep the Vapor theme around (don’t click Uninstall) the settings you’ve made should be kept intact. As an extra insurance, you could take a screenshot of the settings before installing the Marfa theme.

To install the Marfa theme, navigate to Plug-ins, tap Find Plug-ins, look for Marfa theme in the list and click Install.

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I’ve been playing with Tiny Theme by @Mtt, and given the extensive and nice documentation on its website, I’m giving it a shot rather than continuing down this path.

Thank you all for your help!