Pixelfed: Only first image imported to micro.blog?

Alls; importing the JSON feed of my pixelfed account to my micro.blog, I noticed that apparently, when posting multiple images to pixelfed, only (the first) one of these makes it to micro.blog. Is that a bug? Or a known limitation at the moment?
Thanks very much and best regards,

I have noticed that in general, with RSS feeds. It happens to me when I import posts with multiple photos from Micro.blog to DayOne via IFTTT

:thinking: Hmm. Do you see all the images when you add the feed to other feed readers? Are the images represented in the source feed’s content elements?

Yup. I can see all images in a feed reader. Something on the client side restricts it to just one image during import.

Oh, sorry, my question was about @z428 Pixelfed feed. My bad; I missed replying to the right post.

In your case, it sounds like the problem is on the DayOne or IFTTT end then?

Hmmm. Bad. Seems not. Will file an issue with pixelfed for that, then. Thanks anyway for pointing me there. :slight_smile: