Photos page got stuck - SOLVED

My photos page stopped updating after a certain date (July 14, 2023). I tried the usual, rebuild, remove & rebuild & add back & rebuild. Nothing changed; still stuck.

I removed it, because why use a broken feature?

It would be helpful if it could be fixed, so I can use it again.

Update: It seems there’s a minimum size requirement for the Photos page. With larger image sizes it works.

Glad it’s working now. How big was the photo? Another thing that’s not obvious is that by default the photos page only included JPEGs. There’s a plug-in to change that behavior.

Hmm, it were PNG images for pixel art.

So I may need that plugin.

… And it worked :grinning:

However, it seems best to install “All Photos” first and “PNGs and Screenshots” second. I tried it the other way around, and it failed.

Is the plug-in architecture that picky, or am I just impatient?

Those plug-ins actually conflict, because they both try to change the photos page in a similar way. So for now you’ll need to just install one or the other.

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