Photos page empty

I also emailed this to a while ago.
My auto-generated photos page is not showing the normal grid of photos. Instead it appears as an empty page.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Two possibilities I can think of:

  • Make sure the Photos page is the “special” page that creates, not just a page named Photos. You can tell if when editing it there’s no text box except for the title. If it’s a normal page, delete it and go back to the Pages section and there’s a button to re-create it.
  • Some themes don’t work well in Hugo 0.91, which is an option on the Design screen. Try going back to the older version of Hugo, or updating your theme to one of the plug-in themes, which I believe all work with the latest Hugo now.

Thanks Manton,

I forgot that I had the photos plug-in enabled, and it needed to be updated. It’s fixed now. The problems with my test-blog remain though… (support ticket 7137)