Photos not appearing on blog

My photos (except those cached by my browser) aren’t appearing on my blog. I tried rebuilding the blog, but to no avail.

I already sent an email about this to support.

This is probably one of these issues that only @manton can fix. Something is up with the CDN. I’m pretty sure it will start working if you temporarily uncheck Use content delivery network for images on the Design page and wait for the blog to rebuild.


That did the trick. Should I leave Use content delivery network for images unchecked for now?

You can try checking it again and see if the problem is still there but otherwise, keep it unchecked until @manton reports back what happened here.


I also needed to do a rebuild of the blog, BTW. Only then all photos were served from my blog. Before, some were still having a cdn subdomain in their url.

Sorry about this. The CDN was down but it’s fixed now, so you can re-enable the setting if you want to.

Thanks, @manton

I noticed a slowdown of that blog during the last 3 weeks. Could this be related?

Not because of this problem, which was only the last handful of hours. However we have been adjusting the CDN settings and that will affect performance from some regions.