Photos in post missing from Photos page?

Why are all of the photos I uploaded and used in this post not showing on my blog’s Photos page? I’ve rebuilt the site, but no joy.

Note: I was using a plugin to also show PNGs on my photo page, but I removed it before rebuilding the site, just in case it was a problem. I do want to re-enable it again if possible.

Am I wrong in thinking that my Photos page on my blog should basically show all photos in my Uploads area? Right now, this is how the two look:



I think most of the photos pages only show photos from a blog post. I don’t see your photos in the post you linked to. It appears blank to me.

Ummm…I see them, and have tested in two browsers, incognito windows, etc. Four photos at the bottom of the post.

Is the whole post blank for you? Do you see the text/recipe?

Also, possibly of note: the first image in the screenshot of my post does show on the photos page. The rest do not.

Here’s what it looks like at the bottom of the text recipe for me, in an incognito window (scaled down the viewport percentage to see a bit more, but all the photos are there:

I too had this issue. Looks like Photos page just shows the first image in a multi photo post. However there is a plugin to overcome this—All Photos

Thank you! That does the trick.

It’s a bummer that it doesn’t seem like it can co-exist with the plugin that includes .png files in the photos area, but since both plugins are by @manton , I wonder if its possible they could in the future?

Yeah, really the plug-ins could be merged together or be updated to more intelligently handle this.