Photos being stripped in Sharkey cross posting

When I cross post from Micro to Sharkey with a phot it strips the phot from the post.

I know Sharkey just updated, it may be something on their end, since I don’t think there has been any kind of substantial changes here.

I wanted to bump this up and see if there are any thoughts here. @manton

It turns out that images are stripped when I cross post to Threads and Twitter as well.

Does anyone have an idea of why or how to fix?

@manton @jsonbecker

Can you link to your site and an example post? How do you post images? Is there anything strange about it?

I have never had an image fail to crosspost, personally. I know a few others have complained, but except when Bluesky made an API change, I’ve never seen it not post what I expect.

I have heard others say this, then discover their posts have a title, or more than 4 images, or something else that would make it a long post, for example, where it would not get content like that cross posted.

I typically use the app or the Sunlit app. Cross posting to everything but (just text), Threads (just text), and Twitter (contains a link to the image) includes the image.

Every post on here is an example:

For Threads and Twitter X, this is a limitation in their support for starting a new post. We can’t copy the images automatically like we can for Mastodon and Bluesky. For now you’ll have to re-attach any images.

When Threads unveils their official API, we’ll switch to that and images will be included.

@manton Right on. Any thoughts on the Sharkey stripping on

Oh I didn’t even realize he said Threads and Twitter. I would have had a better answer had I noticed.

To be honest I have no idea about Sharkey yet. Do you happen to have a link for an example of this, or a screenshot?

Sharkey is a the latest fork-du-jour of Misskey…

This morning’s post:

Should look like:

I am a moderator on this instance, so if there’s something backend that would be helpful I can ask my admin for a screenshot