Photo page loses images, need to republish to fix

I have my Photos page tied to a category now in the way @manton mentioned in his video: any post with a :camera: gets categorized as “photos”, and the Photos page shows all the images in the"photos" category. I’m also using the photo grid plugin.

I’ve noticed that every now and then when I post a new photo (when I add the :camera: emoji to a post), the Photos page “loses” all the images besides a couple. To fix this, I need to go to Pages > Photos and select “Update Page”. This builds the whole page and fixes the issue.

This doesn’t happen all the time (I’d say roughly 50% of the time), and I can’t point at a pattern yet. From the looks of it, it seems something with the plugin is wrong, and it doesn’t rebuild the page with all the images for whatever reason.

Is this a known issue? Anyone else? does a partial build every time you make a post. That partial build will not refresh your full archive, and in particular, large category pages, most of the time. This is done to make your posts go up fast. It will later come back (X minutes) and do a full rebuild, most of the time.

Category pages are particularly slow to update.

Updating the Photos page specifically forces that to be the first thing rebuilt. You can manually trigger a rebuild in from the logs page, or just wait a bit and it should resolve when the full rebuild occurs.

Thanks, @jsonbecker, this makes sense. But why do all pictures reset besides the newest one? When I create a new post that is caught in the category, it seems the Photo pages remove all the previous photos.

I guess this has to do with how the plugin works. It catches the newest post, so only that one goes up, and later it rebuilds the whole thing with the new post included… something like that?

Maybe there’s a way to change the plugin to include a part that forces it to rebuild the photo page each time since the grid view suffers from this especially… or not?

The most recent posts are the only posts built. It’s like saying “give me the most recent X posts, and pretend that’s all that exists, so that we can build super fast”.

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Ohh OK. Makes even more sense now.