Phantom posts appearing and undeletable

I have hosting on M.b and I have a few posts backdated to appear eventually. One of those posts was incorrectly dated and appeared on the wrong date. I edited it and redated it, and it appeared on the right date and in the right form… except the old version didn’t go away.

Then i discovered something that had been backdated but deleted appeared anyway. So now I have four duplicate posts, plus a post that has nothing but a giant blank spot where a deleted image would have gone.

If I look under “posts,” these posts no longer appear, or are on their correct dates, but if I look at my timeline or my blog, all those phantom posts are there and can’t be removed. What am I doing wrong, or is there nothing to do at all?

Have you tried a full rebuild from your Account>Logs page? I suspect the short answer is “caching” – does a lot to make sure your new posts show up everywhere as fast as possible. That means weird things can happen with back dating and old content until everything is sufficiently flushed out.

You’re running into one of the two hard problems.

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We’re almost there! Doing a full rebuild eliminated the phantom posts on the blog page and made posts previously unpublished visible. Though I still notice those shadowy leftovers in my timeline. Does it take a while to propagate, and those will eventually drop off, or do I need to repeat the procedure?

Glad Rebuild fixed it! What @jsonbecker said is right: tries to optimize publishing and so leftover deleted or renamed posts sometimes show up until everything is cleared out. Part of this is a bug that I thought we had fixed but keeps coming back. I’ll look at that again today.

If a post is still showing up in the timeline, though, you may need to click the Remove link in the timeline. stores that separately because of how the timeline and blogs are connected.