Parameter comparison

I’m working on a custom theme and a config option to show full-sized images on the home page if you add the category to a list in config.json. I’m then comparing the contents of that list to the categories attributed to a post. I can’t seem to get it to work, and set a boolean to true when there’s a match. My Hugo skills aren’t great, so would appreciate a hand here. Here’s some code:

  {{ $fullcats := .Site.Params.categoriesFullImgsHome }}
  {{ $fullimg := false }}
  {{ $cats := .Params.categories }}
  {{ range $category := $fullcats }}
    {{ if in $category $cats }}
        {{ $fullimg = true }}
    {{ end }}
  {{ end }}
  <div class="post-image" {{ if not $fullimg }} style="max-height: 250px; overflow: hidden;" {{ end }}>

Printing $cats and $fullcats proves that they are identical for certain posts, but I never see a post-image rendered without the style.

Feel like maybe I’m misunderstanding something! Would appreciate a hand working it out if anybody has the time!

I’m an idiot.

{{ if in $category $cats }}

should be

{{ if in $cats $category }}

We’re good to go