Pagination plug-in does not work with Tiny theme

Hi everyone,

I run a blog using tiny theme ( I noticed that the loading of images is quite slow so I figured I needed to find a pagination solution for my homepage.

I installed the pagination plug-in and played around with the settings (currently supposed to show only 6 posts per page). However, my blog is still not paginated, even though I tried to check with many browsers and devices.

Is the pagination plug-in not compatible with tiny theme, or do I need to do additional setup ? Do you have alternatives to activate it ?

I saw on the blog’s theme creator website ( that he managed to have a pagination feature enabled but I cannot find a way to replicate it.

Many thanks for your help !

Based this, pagination is set at 20 by default. You could override in your config.json with the paginate property to set it to another number. There should be no need to add the pagination plug-in.

Pinging @Mtt, who might be interested in adding support for the official pagination parameters defined here.

I’ve tweaked a few things relating to how Tiny handled pagination. As @jsonbecker pointed out, you should be able to modify the pagination number in config.json without need for the plugin. The default (20 for Tiny) is now provided through that method instead of inline.

To be clear: Tiny has pagination enabled by default with a breakpoint of 20 posts.

Many thanks to all of you for the help and detailed responses. I have managed to set it up the way I wanted to - quite amazed by the response times I see on this forum, what a great community!