Own posts in timeline

@manton aren’t your own posts supposed to show in your timeline?

i thought it used to be that way - maybe i’m misremembering?

Yes, your own posts should appear in the timeline too. Essentially in Micro.blog you always “follow” yourself unless something has gone wrong… Did you change your username? Shouldn’t matter but I want to make sure I’m looking at the right account.

didn’t change the un, i had to remove the custom domain name for a bit the other day as i was having problems on the dns provider side. i placed the custom domain name back and my posts now no longer show in the timeline.

@manton any ideas on this issue?

Maybe you have the wrong feed hooked up to the timeline? Navigate to Edit Sources & Cross-posting and make sure the feed you want is there. Probably https://jacksactual.net/feed.json.

I checked the account and I think @sod’s guess is correct. I don’t see the default feed there. If you add the feed URL back in Edit Sources, it should start working again. (I also recommend removing the duplicate feeds because that will just confuse things.)

@sod @manton thanks, that worked. sorry about that. jacks

@sod hi sven - any idea what else i may have messed up on - it appears that the feed at jacks.micro.blog stopped adding posts around the time i added the jacksactual.net domain name. i thought both urls would show all posts. thanks, jack

When you use a custom domain, your old Micro.blog subdomain (jacks.micro.blog) should start redirecting to your custom domain. For example, if you enter https://manton.micro.blog in your browser, you end up on https://www.manton.org.

As this is not happening in your case, something is probably up with your account. I would email help@micro.blog unless @manton shows up in this thread.

Fixed! Should be redirecting now.