Overview of XML-RPC API

Micro.blog’s support of XML-RPC.

The XML-RPC support (MetaWeblog API and Micro.blog XML-RPC API) allows you to post to a Micro.blog-hosted microblog and from the iOS app to WordPress, Movable Type, and other compatible blogging platforms:

  • For posting from a third-party client like MarsEdit on your Mac to Micro.blog-hosted microblogs, generate an app token under Account → “App tokens”. When prompted for a username in your third-party client, enter your Micro.blog username and the app token for the password.
  • For posting from the Micro.blog iOS app to WordPress and compatible weblogs, Micro.blog will look for your XML-RPC endpoint and prompt for your blog’s username and password.

On the server, Micro.blog responds to the following XML-RPC methods:

  • metaWeblog.newPost
  • metaWeblog.editPost
  • metaWeblog.deletePost
  • metaWeblog.getPost
  • metaWeblog.getRecentPosts
  • metaWeblog.newMediaObject

And Micro.blog-specific updates to the MetaWeblog API, which are documented in full on this page:

  • microblog.newPost
  • microblog.editPost
  • microblog.getPost
  • microblog.deletePost
  • microblog.getCategories
  • microblog.newMediaObject
  • microblog.getPosts
  • microblog.getPages
  • microblog.newPage
  • microblog.editPage
  • microblog.deletePage

From the iOS client, Micro.blog calls the following XML-RPC methods:

  • blogger.getUserInfo
  • blogger.newPost
  • wp.newPost
  • wp.getTerms
  • metaWeblog.newMediaObject

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