Overview of cross-posting functionality

I am on the $5/month micro.blog plan. With help-from Manton (thanks!) my domain ronkjeffries.com now points to the microblog ip address. I have written one post and going to my URL shows my post. Cool!

Some time ago I hooked my microblog to ronkjeffries.mastodon.social and if I recall correctly also Twitter now X. Note: I then got distracted and ended my subscription to micro.blog but have now come crawling back. :smile:

I have many questions but would like to sort out cross posting first.

After that’s working, is there a way people who read my blog can comment? I really am lost in space.

If you go to the page here you can set up any services you want crosspost to. Anyone who follows you on that service will see the post that you make on your blog in that service. They can reply in that service. If someone follows your mastodon compatible activity pub, their replies will show up in micro.blog. Cross posting to blue sky, replies will also show up in Micro.blog now That’s relatively new though and may not be something you want to rely on