Ordering of Blog Posts

I’m looking for advice on modifying template(s) so that items are listed on my blog by the date I specify for the post, rather than by the date I on which the post is actually published. In other words, if on May 28, 2023, I publish a photo taken on March 2, 2023, I can specify that the date of the item is March 2, 2023, but the post is shown on the blog between posts published on May 27 and May 29. I’d like it to be shown between posts dated March 1 and March 3. I imagine that’s not too difficult, but it’s currently beyond my powers. Thanks.

You can do this by using the “Schedule” feature with a new post or editing the date of a published/draft post.

Schedule a new post

  • Go to the web →
  • Click “New Post” →
  • Click the “···” button above the top-right corner of the post field →
  • Click the “Schedule Post…” option →
  • Use the date field to change the published date.

Edit an existing post

  • Go to the web →
  • Click “Posts” →
  • Click “Edit” on either the existing post or the saved draft →
  • Use the date field to change the published date.

If you don’t want these posts to appear in the Micro.blog timeline, either use “Schedule” or first save the post as a draft.

I chose to outline the process on the web since that is the best app for finding all of the relevant features. The other apps might have a mix of drafting, scheduling, and editing but are unlikely to have everything you need — except for maybe a third-party app like MarsEdit or Drafts.

Thanks very much. Your instructions worked to place the posts in the order I want at micro.blog/jimrain, but the changes didn’t carry over to jimrain.micro.blog. And it looks like some other posts and edits at micro.blog/jimrain haven’t carried over to jimrain.micro.blog, either. Any thoughts?