On Increasing the Character Limit to 500 Before Long Form Conversion

Currently micro.blog allows for 300 characters before converting a full mastodon post to a truncated long form blog link.

I enjoy being able to use hashtags at the end of my posts allowing better discoverability on mastodon. The current 300 character limit is very imposing when hashtags are taken into consideration. Given the mastodon standard of 500 character posts I’d motion to increase it.

Unfortunately long form converted mastodon posts don’t show my hashtags as they’re included at the end of the article of which only the title populates. This greatly hamstrings reachability. I think a 500 character middle ground would be more appropriate.

Thank you! I continue to love micro.blog :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

Thanks! Glad you like it. Maybe there’s something special we can do for hashtags to Mastodon for longer posts. For example, if we only send the title and link to Mastodon, or if it’s truncated, we could append the hashtags anyway instead of leaving them out.