Numbered list unwantedly creating code segments

In this post: Draft Previews (Do Not Share!) - replicating mis-interpreted code segment

This markdown setup:

creates this look:

Can anyone explain how to avoid this. And best practise for quickly creating reliable lists where ‘mini-headings’ are numbered, and a little bit of text is allowed in between each one, like for this use-case of track-by-track album review.

Markdown interprets four spaces at the start of a line as a code block. Simply don’t indent the numbered rows.

To keep the paragraph below two lined up, enter one space before the first bit of text.

  1. Courtney Barnett style. Man if Disney stars in LA hate 17, what hope do smalltown english kids have?!
  2. Drivers License replica:
    “You’re callous for moving on” theme: + high-pitched backing vocals towards end to elevate like “Drivers License” With a little Billie-style harmony vocal at start to ground
  3. Drivers License
    The first “perfect pop song” of the decade (a la Billie’s dad’s choices) Most perfect imperfection about it is the repeated last line which doesn’t resolve to root. FYI Not an ‘organic’ viral hit. Music career Disney + Interscope backed.
  4. 1 step forward, 3 steps back :
    just tweaking idiom from 2 to 3 steps doesn’t make it not trite
  5. Deja vu:
    She’s willing to lean into a indie rock sound - cool
  6. Good 4 u :
    the high pitched backing vocal stab could have literally been pulled from Billie’s “when the party’s over”. She’s got a fun rap-rock Miley Cyrus vibe too
  7. enough for you :
  8. happier:
    this copped her the desired Parental Advisory sticker,

The above was created using the method I described, since Discourse also uses Markdown.

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thanks for clarifying that the tap was creating the code style. If I’m not mistaken Mac text editor was auto creating those tabs.
For lined-up paragraphs underneath, it would appear that the crucial thing is to have two spaces after the “:” to put the next line on a new line. Whether or not you have one space at the start of the second line this seems to work, as shown below:

Look at Dif between 2 and 3 - no difference on site: