ℹ️ Notes

Micro.blog notes are a new way to save content in Micro.blog when you don’t want to use a blog post or draft. Notes are private by default, end-to-end encrypted across all platforms, with a special companion mobile app named Strata.

Notes are great for:

  • Jotting down ideas or brainstorming future blog posts. Notes use Markdown, so it’s easy to move the text into a blog post draft later.
  • Sharing content with a smaller group of friends or family, without that content being linked on your blog. When a note is shared, it is given a unique, random-looking URL on your blog that you can send to others.
  • Journaling within Micro.blog, so you can use the same platform whether you’re writing something just for yourself or sharing it with the world in a blog post.

For more of the thinking about why we built notes into Micro.blog, see Manton’s blog post.