Notes on Mobile Safari (Problem and Solution)

Hi folks,

I’d like to share a problem I encountered with the new Notes feature (for Premium Accounts) and how I resolved it.

When the feature was released, I promptly opened on Mobile Safari to check it out. However, I didn’t try it immediately; instead, I decided to create the account and save the private key on my personal computer first (

On my personal computer, I saved the private key, imported it to Strata, and began synchronizing notes between my computer and mobile device.

At work, I use Arc. However, the notes weren’t there, so I had to sign out and sign in again to see them. All good.

Today, when I tried on Mobile Safari, the notes were missing. Even after logging out and logging in again, they still didn’t appear. I repeated the process just to be sure, but after signing in, there was still nothing.

The fix for Mobile Safari was to sign out, go to > Safari > Website Data, find the data, and remove it. Then, I returned to Safari to log in again.

After these steps, Mobile Safari prompted me for the private key, which I entered, and finally, it began displaying the notes.

I hope this helps if you’re facing the same issue.


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Thanks for sharing this! We clearly need to handle this situation better. I think we need to be able to detect if the notes secret key is different on a new device and prompt to replace it. I’ll work on smoothing this over.