Note are not displayed/contents are garbled

I wrote some notes in Note on April 12 using the Edge browser on Windows, but on April 13 I found the note content garbled in the Strata app on my phone and on the Firefox browser on macOS, my notes did not show up,
then I created 2 new notes in the browser that would show up properly in both the browser and in Strata.
I have never changed my key.

Question: How should I restore my old notes

Notebook has 4 notes
Journal notebook has 3 notes

But the Notebook doesn’t show any notes

And in Journal, there are only 2 newly written notes, and 1 old note that is not showing up

Older notes show up garbled in Strata apps

The garbled notes only appear normal on the computer where they were originally recorded (Edge browser on Windows)

This is probably caused by having different secret keys in different browsers and apps. Go through them all and make note of the secret keys. Then decide on one of them to use everywhere.

It’s solved.

I want to improve this. One idea I had is to essentially allow multiple secret keys temporarily so that can read and merge everything together when this happens. This is obviously complicated, though, ideally we’d prevent this from happening in the first place.

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