No notifications on iOS Micro Blog App

I’m no longer receiving notifications on the official iOS Micro Blog app. I have them turned on at the system level and push notifications are turned on via app settings.

Any thoughts on where I might be missing something?

Notifications have never worked for me on the official iOS app. But they do work on Gluon if that helps.

Yup, Gluon’s notifications do work, but when I go to compose a reply the first few words always delete. :joy: It became so annoying I deleted the app. I also like Gluon’s reply all feature.

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Believe it or not, both apps are maintained by the same developer.


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Sorry about this, everyone. Turns out our certificate with Apple expired a few days ago. I’ve fixed it and push notifications should start to go through now.


You’re the man! Thanks @manton!!!

Yes, and he’s been very helpful when I contact him

Hi. Just an update that I am not getting notifications on my iPhone from the official app. I don’t think I ever have tbh. Is there something in my account that might stop them? My phone settings are allowing them.

Do you have push notifications enabled under the settings in the app?

Hi, yes I do

+1, I get no notifications either. Never have!

Same here. :person_shrugging:

Can y’all try to disable push notifications in the Settings inside the app, then enable them again? I know push notifications are working for some people, so trying to figure out why it’s not working consistently. Thanks.

While notifications are working for me (show up on the phone) but if I click on them, it goes to the main timeline and not to the mention itself.

done - I’m not popular enough to instantly test…

Another thought that I’m not convinced is relevant but I know that @aeryn and I are both in the UK. Not sure if the push notification services have anything geographically applied or not but figure worth mentioning :+1:

I’ve done that. Thanks. Please someone reply to my post so I can test

It’s working!!! Yay. Thanks

Great! :tada: