Newsletter width

I’m very happy with the newsletter capabilities in Thank you for adding the option for daily frequency.

I would be even happier if we could control the width of the newsletter. I’ve seen from searching this forum that this has been a problem in the past — has it been solved? I subscribe to many newsletters and the newsletters seem to be the only one with this problem. How do other newsletters solve this problem? Can this solution be implemented in MB?

And I would be even happier still if my newsletter looked just like the Alpine template I’m currently using for my blog. (Though I must disclose that I am a habitual template-switcher, and with news from MTT that the Tiny Theme V2 and V3 are on their way, I may just switch again.)

What kind of width control would you like? Is the problem that it’s sometimes too wide and not fitting on small screens? If so, that should be something that a little CSS could fix.

If you have a screenshot of the problem, post it in this thread. Thanks!

Here you are. The images look fine, but the text posts are too wide. For your convenience, I put arrows next to the text posts.

I do plan to look at the Sumo theme from @Mtt when that’s available — perhaps that will solve the problem? For now, I’m using the Alpine theme. I switch occasionally between Alpine and Tiny.