Newsletter Subscription Confrimation and Gmail

I’m slow rolling a newsletter for my blog. I’ve been testing with one possible reader and Gmail continues to mark the subscribe confirmation email as spam. Personally, I’ve tested this on Hey, Protonmail, and Gmail. Gmail is the only one that flags a confirmation as spam. Is there any way around this? I would like to reduce friction for people who’d like to read the newsletter and happen to use gmail.

I signed up to your newsletter using a Gmail test account just now, and the confirmation email ended up in the spam folder for me too. There’s not much you can do (other than marking the email as not spam), unfortunately, but there might be some things Manton can do to improve email deliverability.

@manton: the email is sent from the subdomain, and it looks like there’s some low-hanging fruit to pick there, like setting up DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.

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Thanks, I’m looking into this… I thought we had all of those set. Hopefully an easy fix.

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