Newsletter Sender Email & Name

I’m looking at having a secondary offer a summary newsletter feature, but it appears that one can only use the micro account email as the sender. newsletter seems to be (username) but it seems expedient with multiple blogs to be able to have ‘’ without the profile username as the sender:
“Blog name” This could, like email, get confusing when someone emails a previously deleted blog that is active under a different user.
Is there an ‘authorized alias’ option for newsletter sending (alternative name & email) for a particular blog? I have not found such, so presume not


It’s a great question. This seems like something we could support. I think we’d need to add a preference for which email address to use, though, to avoid interfering with existing blogs and newsletters.

Well, It could just be a simple preference selection for the mailing list:
from <“User Name”,> or <“Blog Title”>,> and both could still forward to the MB account email. Since seems to forward to the user email, messing with conflicting user acct emails can be avoided.