Newsletter is not sending

I don’t think my newsletter has been sent for a few weeks. I have it configured to send every Sunday. I received my scheduled email stating that the email could be edited for 30 minutes. But then the actual email, although it seems to be sent through never received in the email addresses subscribed to it.

I remember Manton talking about newsletter issues a few weeks back. Is there still an issue, or is it my account?

I sent one out on the 10th of July and it was mostly ok. Haven’t noticed whether other people have continued to see the deliverability bug.

My newsletter is also going out without issue. About a week ago we expanded our email processing to use two different providers, to hopefully minimize deliverability problems. Possibly something has gone with wrong with that.

I wonder if you use the “Preview” button to send another copy of the email to yourself is that goes through?

I sent the preview (to my main email) and I have not seen any email yet. It’s been about 15 minutes. Nothing in my junk.

I found this email the other day. Could it be related?

Seems likely to be related. I’m going to temporarily disable sending emails through Amazon Web Services until we can dig into why this is happening.

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My template had a typo, causing it not to be sent. I’m sorry for the runaround! I know there were some issues sending, and I assumed this might be related.

Ah, glad that was it!