Newsletter intro displays oddly on the newsletter page

If I write an intro for my newsletter longer than four lines, instead of the input text box enlarging itself to accommodate the length of my text, the overflow text spills over the rest of the newsletter content, making it difficult to read both.

I would like to request that the input text box enlarges to accommodate the intro content. Thanks!

Oops, thanks for letting us know. I’ll get this fixed.

Hi, @manton, checking in on this. It’s still happening.

I use the GLightBox plugin and wrap my images with Markdown within the <div class="img-gallery"> tag. But that renders the images this way in the newsletter. Any solution?

Thanks, I’m taking another look at this… I’ll update this thread when it’s fixed.

Shortcodes don’t work in newsletters right now. We might be able to add limited support for shortcodes, but it probably depends on what the plug-in functionality is. (Unlike blogs, newsletters are not processed by Hugo.)

In this case, it’s plain markdown. The plugin includes a custom render hook for the image markdown that isn’t relevant to newsletters. But it appears that using the markdown for images doesn’t work— the plug in part is, I think, unrelated.

Fixed the newsletter intro text box.

Plain Markdown should work… @pratik, can you post the original text for that blog post? Maybe there’s some difference in how the newsletter Markdown processing treats it vs. when publishing to your blog.

Sure. See above.

This is a quirk of Markdown where any Markdown inside a block-level HTML tag like div is not processed. So, the newsletter functionality is working as intended, I think. I guess it’s less strict when processed from Hugo and it’s making it to your blog?

True, and it doesn’t work on the blog either unless you add the line break between the opening tag and the markdown code. That way, it works. But unfortunately, not in the newsletter.