Newsletter header image

How can we change the newsletter header image in the template to use an image already uploaded on MB?

Wishing for some attention to this request… from the community or from @manton :pray:t2:

Another try, @manton
I replaced this line in the HTML to customize the outcome:

`<img src="{{ .Site.Author.avatar }}" width="80" height="80" alt="Profile icon" class="email-profile-photo">`

with this line

<img src="upload://9tjwG21Mv3S19ZfCFFAh6DP5svP.png" width="600" height="337" alt="Numeric Citizen Sheet">

Will it work? I’ll have to wait next month to know, I guess!

the upload link looks like a MarsEdit temporary URL/promise that will resolve once the post is actually posted. I would expect this to work if you copy the full URL to the image on your site.

the real URL is:

You should be able to test these changes before the next newsletter email is sent. Click on a previous email that was already sent, then look for the “Preview: your-email” button. That should reassemble the previous newsletter with the new template and send it just to you.

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Yep, works great!