Newletter + Podcast Behavior

I am planning to use both the newletter feature and the podcasting feature.

My newsletter setting will be:
Send Email for each long blog post with a title.

I test this - I like it. it work well.

If I make a long post with a title and then attached audio file - the newsletter will not be triggered. Correct?
Will the post go out via the newletter but without the audio attached?

I assume if I attach an mp3 that it will trigger and go into the podcast xml feed.

Do I understand this correctly?

Podcast posts will be included in the newsletter, but the problem is I expect some email clients do not know how to display the audio player inline. However, I have not actually tested this, so maybe it’s better supported than I imagine. If the audio does not appear, the newsletter subscriber should be able to click through to the post on your blog to listen to it.

You’ve got it right that any post with an MP3 will automatically be included in the podcast feed.

Thanks Manton.
Always helpful.

I have been thinking on this some more.

Why send the mp3 via email at all? Maybe a link to it via the email?

If I attach an audio file that triggers that title (long post) - which will trigger my newsletter.
Why not have it so that a podcast post goes out text only with a link to the feed or the audio or the whole blog post. Emailing out a big audio file does not seem to make sense?

I am missing something?

Sorry, let me clarify… We do not send the audio file data with the email. The audio will only be loaded if the person clicks to play it. I can still see some reasons to adjust this behavior so we always link back to your site for podcasts, though.

I think this might be better. I dunno really.
Just take them to the post or to a page that only has the audio to listen too.