New Posts Not Showing in Public Page

Last two days I have a problem getting new posts to propagate to Fedi and show on my domain page. Today, I can see the new post in my post history, but publicly, the post does not show on the page or propagate to the Fediverse.

You could try making a full rebuild by hitting the button on the logs page and see if that helps. The logs on that page might give you a hint if there’s trouble building your site.

Yikes! I tried what you suggested – and now I’m a 404!

Did you change your DNS settings? I’m checking your blog and doesn’t seem to be pointed to anymore. If you can, also send me an email to because it may be easier to troubleshoot that way.

I cancelled and gave up. The service has been unreliable for at least a week. Takes forever to propagate and Federate. The last two days have been unacceptable nightmares. Delete my account. I’m done.

Sorry to hear it. You can delete your account here:

The last couple of days there was unusually high load on our background tasks, and that probably explains the reliability problems. Everything is fast again now and I’m sorry I didn’t catch it earlier.

@manton I saw the exact same sequence and series of issues. Seems to be tied to updating to 0.117.

Yes, just to remind everyone: Hugo 0.117 was added to help people working on custom themes and it is not the default. Don’t use it yet unless you want to deal with random things breaking.