New Post Flow


I just wanted to share my feedback on creating a new post from the web.

Scheduled Posts

If you add a new post via the web and have attachments, if you then click schedule post and go back to it at a later date to edit it, there is no longer an option to add anymore photos. The post goes into a kind of markdown edit mode.

Clicking back, does nothing except take you back to the list of posts, so at this point your stuck and can’t actually upload any more photos once you have hit schedule post.

Draft Posts

When I first started using the web editor to compose my posts, saving posts as draft was really confusing, the ... icon in the top left exposes a new menu where the Save Draft button is but when you click it the post is immediately saved would it not make more sense to have a Save button next to the Post button.

This also renders the same issue as the scheduled posts in that if you save a draft, you can’t then add more media to it when you click edit.

Hope this helps a bit

Thanks, you’re right, this is a limitation that we should fix. It should be easier to add photos when editing a post.

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Great, thank you