New <p> in the post editor


Currently the only way to get additional space between paragraphs seems to be to insert an extra return in the post editor. I would rather have a single return and set my css to add a little extra space, but the post editor seems to ignore single returns in the way raw html would (absent a


Is there a way around this?


Kai Ming

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Is there a reason using margin on the p tag doesn’t work to increase spacing between your paragraphs?

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I was thinking the same thing, wasn’t sure I was properly understanding the description of the problem.

The editor uses Markdown. A blank line between blocks of text is the standard Markdown to create a new paragraph area.

However, you can always just use the <p></p> tags to create paragraphs.

Here’s how I formatted one blog post: Khürt Williams -

<p style="text-align:right"><a href="">Print Scan: Ready for school 1969</a> : <a href=""></a>📷</p>

<p><figure><img src="" /><figcaption>Print Scan: Ready for school</figcaption></figure></p>

hi all, thanks for the helpful replies. I hadn’t realized that a double return means </p> in markdown, so that makes sense now. That said, css such as margin-bottom: 10em isn’t changing the interparagraph spacing at all. I suppose it may be something to do with the theme (Minos), so I’ll dive deeper to try to figure out what’s going on.


I had to piddle with my theme too for spacing in certain places. Once you find it you oughta be all set.