Need help wrapping my head around a few things

Hello…! Apologies in advance if this is too much of a generic help request. I’m trying to figure things out conceptually, and I might be a bit lost as to where to ask and ask what.

There are a few questions, but in general, here’s what I’m trying to understand better:

  1. How do I add other social media icons (as in Font Awesome probably) to my blog? Do I need to play with the theme myself, is there a plugin, or is there a built-in option I’m missing (I’m using the paper theme if this is part of the issue)?

  2. Can I change date/time format to show in yyyy-mm-dd and 24 hours instead of what it shows now? Is this a theme issue or an option somewhere?

  3. This is a head-scratcher one for me… How do you handle your already-existing Mastodon account in combination with Do you cross-post both ways? One way? Is there any way to “change” the account I got when registering so my existing Mastodon account is the one on the timeline, and I use this account to interact with the community? It would make much more sense in my case, but how do you guys go around that? I understand I have a different account here, the integration with Mastodon is somewhat confusing still though.

Thanks! I know it’s a bit all over the place, sorry!!!

These probably are each their own post. But comments below:

There’s a Font-Awesome plug-in. But you’d still likely have to edit your theme since your theme probably doesn’t know which sites you’re adding.

Date formats are built into the theme, but editing your theme makes it easy to adjust the format. See this page on how date formatting works in Hugo.

Very different question, but:

  1. I have my AcitvityPub turned on for my account with its own feed, that’s the one that uses my domain.
  2. I cross post to a separate account I maintain.

If you follow me via (1), your replies are sent to MB. If via 2, Mastodon. I don’t care which you use. If I did care, I’d use Mastodon’s tools to move from account (2) to account (1).