Name on conversations offset

The name on conversations is way offset from the avatar. I’m using the Marfa theme and this is a recent issue. I noticed that @jean has the same problem in her site.

Perhaps related is that book images are misaligned from their titles on bookshelves.

Any ideas?

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This was fixed recently in the latest version of the Marfa plug-in. It looks like you do have the latest version installed, but you also have a custom theme that has its own style.css template. That is most likely using the old CSS.

So to fix it on your site, I think you’ll want to either remove your custom style.css template, or edit it to add the changes that were added to the plug-in. The change in this diff (Fixed conversation margins/padding from other recent CSS changes. · microdotblog/theme-marfa@9d83176 · GitHub) was basically to add “padding: 0” because another recent change added padding around blog post images, which also affected books and conversations unintentionally.

Thanks for asking this question that I’ve always been meaning to ask, @frostedechoes!

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Thanks, I just ran a diff on the default style.css and my style.css and add the items that looked like they were causing the offset. Fixed now!

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