My other Hugo blog's feed isn't rendering properly

I recently started a self-hosted Hugo blog here:

I’ve put the following feed into the’s feed field:

But the import doesn’t work. It will only grab the first paragraph, not the whole thing.

And it doesn’t import the formatting so the post is all squished together and nearly unreadable.

Compare the original post:

To the mess that was imported:

I don’t understand this since they’re both Hugo blogs, both using markdown - why would it truncate the post and lose all the formatting? Is this a problem with my blog? Or with

The RSS feed only contains post excerpts with HTML stripped. Here’s what the post from your example looks like in the feed:

<description>Trying to learn about computers at the age of 48 is sometimes hilarious. Me: Okay so how do you learn terminal commands? Is that the CS50 course at Harvard? Because I don&rsquo;t really enjoy programming so I&rsquo;m not sure if I should keep going with that - do we learn other things later? Is that where I&rsquo;d learn terminal commands? I can skip ahead, it&rsquo;s a free course. Greg (husband of 27 years, software developer): Probably, yes, they&rsquo;ll get to that.</description>

The person(s) who implemented the default Hugo RSS template decided to only include post summaries. To fix this, you will have to override that template with your own and include entire posts: HTML and all.

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Oh no! I had no idea.

I hugely appreciate the links, thank you so much @sod!

Will continue tinkering…

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I was a bit confused implementing the default template because my code didn’t exactly match. But based on this I was able to do some sleuthing!

Turns out it was as simple as putting the following into my config.yaml file:

  ShowFullTextinRSS: true

Which I found here: Setting up an RSS feed for a Hugo blog using the PaperMod Theme | by Erica Pisani | Medium

Woohoo! :partying_face: Nice work, @hollie.

To anyone ending up here in the future: this is a feature specific to the PaperMod theme. It already provides a custom RSS template with support for full-length posts. If your blog uses another theme, the ShowFullTextinRSS parameter might be named differently or not exist at all.

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