My (Not Unreasonable) Developer Wish List

So @manton, I’ve really been using my test blog while carving up my custom theme into plugins. The following two features would be useful for every blog, but especially so for a test blog:

  1. Summary view used in list of posts (I write reallllllly long posts, it takes ages to scroll through and half the time I overshoot, ending up halfway through another reallllly long post).
  2. Multi-post selection for the purpose of deletion (I’d love to clear out my test posts, especially the ones that were only to prod the site into rebuilding, but no way am I scrolling through to achieve this (see number one).

After thought: if the random posts I create actually are serving to prod a site build (and it’s not just in my head) then perhaps a toggleable ‘developer’ mode would be called for that alters the site build request cycle (I am thinking like how Cloudflare lets me hit developer mode and it automatically expires after three hours … so you wouldn’t tax the system unnecessarily).

After after thought: another reasonable approach to test blog post management would be an option while importing to completely replace any existing content. I haven’t tested but I assume that the current setup would additively import posts rather than being destructive.