My least favourite feature

I thought I would share my least-favourite Micro.Blog feature to see whether I’m stupid, or maybe there’s a workaround worth knowing about.

My profile photo is unified across all the different platforms, and obviously it’s my Micro Blog profile photo. Which means it’s also the default image given to services as a thumbnail icon when I share a link on my blog.

I feel like it’s just a bit overbearing as an image to be the default thumbnail, and also on blog posts with images attached, my theme or MB somehow chooses my mug anyhow.

I’d love to choose a different default image for sharing, or for the function that picks up images from posts to use them for sharing be better.

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I’m not sure the ideal way to do this without a custom theme, but this is actually a built in hugo thing that can be overridden with any image by setting

<meta property=“og:image” content=“https://yourdomain.tld/yourimage.jpg”>


<meta property=“twitter:image” content=“https://yourdomain.tld/yourimage.jpg”> in your page head template/partial.


thank you! I’m on the way to sorting it out now I think