My blog is empty, and themes won't work

For some reason, my blog’s home page won’t show my posts. I’m not sure how to address this.

(I’m also wondering if it’s related to the fact that themes won’t install on my Hugo site—each time I try, it’s stuck forever at “Installing plug-in…”)

Basically, my Hugo site seems stuck. Can anyone speak to possible solutions?

If you look at the logs, do you see anything there that hints at what might be going on?

Sometimes, forcing a full rebuild of your site can solve issues like this. But not if there’s an underlying problem with the theme. Hit the Rebuild button on the page linked above and keep an eye out for suspicious-looking log entries.

@sod Thanks for pointing me to the logs! I hadn’t seen that.

So I tried to rebuild, but on rebuild, my blog is left with a homepage that simply says “Not Found”. These are my most recent logs:

The only suspicious looking log entry I see is that it can’t find my feed, and indeed, my feeds page confirms that the feed for was not found. But I’m not sure if I should remove it from my feeds. Would that mean no microblog posts appear at all on my Hugo blog?

So I feel a bit closer, but again, not sure how to proceed to make the build actually work.

It looks like you’re using Outpost and there’s currently ongoing troubleshooting with that theme. So, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to resolve this by yourself; you have to wait for @manton’s fix.

But, you can work around the problem by running your blog on a different theme until Outpost is back in working condition.

@sod aaaaaaaand, that did the trick. Thanks!

The Outpost theme is working again. You will need to re-install it by searching for it in the plug-in directory.