ℹ️ Muting, blocking, and reporting users

A key part of Micro.blog’s mission is to create a harrassment-free platform where people can share their thoughts, ideas, and creative output without fear of being attacked or harrassed. We have Community Guidelines that are enforced. If you have any questions or concerns about user behavior on Micro.blog, please email the Community Manager.

If you believe a user has violated the Community Guidelines, please report them.

If you don’t wish to see a user’s posts in your timeline, you can unfollow them. If you don’t wish to see a user’s post in your mentions, you can mute them. If you don’t want that user to see your own posts when they are signed in, you can block them.

Muting users via the web interface

  1. Log into your Micro.blog account.
  2. From the navigation, choose Account.
  3. Scroll down to the Timeline section.
  4. Click the “Edit Muted Users” button.
  5. Enter the username you want to mute, and click the “Mute Username” button.

Muting and reporting users via the Mac app

  1. Click on the users profile image to go to their profile.
  2. At the top right, click the button with “…” to view the options “Mute @username” and “Report username.”
  3. To mute, choose “Mute @username.” You’ll be taken to the web interface with the username filled in. Click the “Mute Username” button to complete the process.
  4. To report, choose “Report @username.” A window will open to ask you to confirm that you want to report this user. A message will be sent to the Micro.blog community manager, who will investigate whether the user has violated the Community Guidelines and what steps will be taken.

Muting and reporting via the iOS app

These options are not currently available on iOS. Please use the web interface to mute users. Email the Community Manager to report users.

Blocking users via the web interface

To block a user, first navigate to the muting page for the user. There is a separate button “Block Username” to block them instead of muting.