Multiple Pages

I wonder if I can create one page for short posts and one for the long ones, pointing the home page to the one with the long ones. Is that possible @manton?

Are you sure what you really want isn’t summaries for long posts alongside the short posts? Have a peek at my perspectives page to see what a summarized post might look like.

As for answering the question, yup … totally possible. I’ll help ya once we’re sure a separate page is the way you want to go.

Categories are another way to handle this, because you can create filters that automatically assign categories for long or short posts. Check out this help page for some tips for changing the home page: Custom home page

My is an example of using Categories to make the menu pages go to Articles only.
However, I would love to further optimise by not showing the entirety of Articles, a la @moondeer.

@manton do you allow the listing of posts in the summary format, even if as simply as using the title like the Archive page ( but filtered by category in any of the vanilla templates?
If so I’d switch to it from Typewriter, which doesn’t do a good enough UX job of differentiating between articles (mid-article # title lines look near-identical to new articles).