Multiple domains to the same blog?

OK so I have my blog configured to use now. Last night when I was doing some testing, because I could not get to work (aside: had a feed configured prior to trying to set up that was coming from my wordpress setup. deleted that then everything worked), I used which DID work. Once I figured out the problem with the .blog domain I set the config back to using that. My registrar still has an A record pointing to for and now both domains seem to work for the same blog. Links are even being generated properly (ie: I hover over a date for a given post and the URL is if I came in via in the browser, if I came in via in the browser).

What is goin going on here? Does this description make sense?

That is not supposed to work. :slightly_smiling_face: I think what is happening is that still has a cached version using your old domain name, but as you post to your blog it will become out of date.

I’d like to add official multiple domain support. Right now we automatically support the “www” version, but there’s no place in the settings to add more than 1 domain name. Another option in the meantime is set to up a redirect at your DNS provider, if they have that feature.

Thanks Manton. I kinda figured it was probably some sort of caching-type issue but wanted to make sure :wink: I was going to reset the domain to be parked and was pretty surprised at what was going on. I actually only want the one pointing at