Multiple DNS domains ➔


I’ve been consolidating a couple of sites into one MB. I have 3 domains (new, old1 and old2).

I have new set as the primary MB site and that works fine. I’d like to point old1 and old2 to the new site, but I can’t get to work. old1 is blog.old1 and old2 is www.old2.

For old1, I have set a Hover forward blog.old1 ➔

For old2, I have set an A (both @ and *- ➔ I also tried setting a CNAME www ➔

None of these seem to work. Can I have multiple domains pointing successfully to a MB site with an already set custom domain?

I hope I explain clearly, let me know if I can clarify.


Unfortunately this doesn’t work yet. There can only be one domain name per blog. We started work on improving this to configure multiple domain names that all redirect to the same place, but it’s not quite ready. I’ll try to get that finished soon.

In the meantime, another solution is that DNS providers often have a special “redirect” or “URL” domain record type that can handle this for you.

OK thanks for the info. I thought I had forgotten how DNS works :crazy_face:

Looking forward to that feature.