Multiple accounts for Mac supports using multiple accounts. You can add new accounts in the preferences window and switch between them by clicking on your profile information.

On, each account has its own username. Accounts can also have multiple blogs. This is convenient if you want 2 or more custom domains with different titles and content, with posts from each microblog coming into the same account.

(If you need multiple usernames, you should create a new account instead of a new microblog under an existing account.)

To add a new hosted microblog, click “Plans” → “New Microblog”. You can change your default microblog by clicking “Switch Site” on the web posting form. for Mac can post to a different microblog by clicking on the hostname at the bottom of the posting view.

Note: Support for multiple accounts was also added to iOS

@manton I am a little confused on account vs 2 blogs.

I own: - Professional Writting - Health and Sobriety Writting - Personal, fun, pictures, books I am reading etc.

Can I have 3 blogs with my current account? or would I need to setup an account for each one?

Yep, you can have 3 blogs within one account. Whether you want to do that depends entirely on how you want your posts to appear in the timelines.

For example, I have my personal account — for blogs which I want associated with that username — and a separate account for a project — for blogs which I want associated with the project username — and so the account switcher is essential to my use, since it means I don’t have to constantly log in and out of

Simon - Can you help direct me to where I click or whatever to make a new blog?

I wish I could but it’s not appearing for me right now. I’ll grab @manton and @jean just in case but my suggestion would be to try:

  • Go to the web →
  • Click on Plans
  • Look for a button for creating a new blog OR →
  • Click on Account
  • Go to the “Blogs” section →
  • Look for a button creating a new blog.

I can’t see any such button when I follow those directions but I suspect that’s because my accounts are a little odd. At least I hope that’s the case because otherwise I can’t find any obvious way to simply add a new blog to an account.

No rush. I still cannot see it. But I am sure I will get this sorted. I have a test blog for some reason - so I know it is possible :slight_smile:

Can I join multiple accounts from the same email address (I already used up my two main ones) or should I make a new email address?

NVM I read the post and downloaded the latest MacOS version. I can’t find the plans button. Excited for this feature.