Multi-image posts and ActivityPub

I often post multi-image posts with titles and very little text. Example:

When viewed in Mastodon, I see the title and first four images. There should be a link to the original, but there isn’t one.


Please fix!

Not sure the best solution here because is sending all images to Mastodon, but Mastodon is choosing to only show four images without a hint that something is missing. We could always add a link back if there are more than four images… It won’t be right all the time (Pixelfed for example shows 10 images) but maybe it’s the best we can do.

I’ll plan to roll out this change later this week and we’ll see if it’s a good improvement.

Appreciate it.

It’s not a huge bug for me personally—I share all the images individually to Masto over the course of a day, or a couple of days. But still it’s nice to have the post show up correctly.

I hope one day we’ll achieve the textcasting vision but until we do there’s going to be these glitches.