Moving archived podcast files to blog - possible?

I am considering closing down my podcast and associated website, all hosted on However, I would like to archive the episodes and make them available, via my blog, should anyone wish to listen to them.

My question is, can I just upload the episodes to my blog (also on, or would I have to use a third party service? If I can upload them to my blog, will they just be treated as audio files on the blog and not treated as a podcast?

You can upload the MP3 files to your main blog and link to them without a podcast feed. Note that it’s kind of an accident that this works with or without Premium… In the future we will likely limit audio uploads to Premium subscribers.

Another option if you’re just looking to downgrade your subscription is to just keep the audio files where they are and link to them from your blog. As long as you’ve ever had a paid account, we will keep hosting the files indefinitely even if there is no active subscription.

Thank you, @manton. I plan to keep my Premium subscription, I just didn’t want to pay for a second website if I am no longer updating it. My podcast has not been updated for over a year now, and I don’t think that I will be taking it further. So I wanted to explore my options for archiving the shows, and still making them available to others, without having it as a podcast. I’ll think on as to how and if I might do this.